Maplin Rebrand

Maplin have modernised – creating a fresh new look, updating the brand and refitting stores, to focus on the rapidly growing smart-home market.

Maplin has always felt a little ... odd. As a regular customer, the look and feel of the store was a bit confusing – projecting a feeling of being ‘trade only’ or a wholesaler of technical gubbins. Yet, their stores always occupy prime retail space!

The old brand identity resembled that of a plumbers’ merchant, a no-frills ‘doesn’t need to look anything special’ trade label. The ‘daunting’ public retail experience, alongside increased competition from online retailers was something Maplin looked to shake off when it approached branding consultants SomeOne. Their aim was to connect with new customers whilst retaining their loyal core audience.

This rebranding does just that, softer, friendlier and more inclusive it creates a welcoming aesthetic that pitches them as a retailer open and ready to help customers understand their tech. Their strategy focuses on the concept of ‘connecting brilliant ideas’ which has also become their strapline, reflecting ideas around the connected home, a trend generating significant traction in the tech world. The focus on the smart-home environment will drive the first major store refurbishment in over ten years for Maplin. 

The visual identity is built around an animating wave that will appeal to the core ‘specialist’ customers whilst creating an attractive visual platform from which to attract new customers. Everything about this identity is an improvement – from the refreshing bright colour palette to the clear, inviting typography and well written copy. We think rebranding was a brilliant idea that will make all the right connections with customers, old and new.