The Qantas logo evolving over time.
4 years ago

The national carrier of Australia has updated its look with a new typeface and sleeker, simpler logo ready for the launch of the new 787-9 Dreamliner craft. The brand identity has evolved gracefully...

Fish jumping out of fish bowl
4 years ago

That’s right folks, you heard it here first, today is National Cliché Day. To mark this auspicious occasion we’re sharing with you ten of the world’s most clichéd marketing images. You’ll find them...

Triumph bike
4 years ago

There’s a new breed of biker – riders with disposable income, discerning taste, ready for adventure, an interest in engineering, people that want to look the part and buy into the freedom the biker...

Original and new natwest logo
4 years ago

It isn’t often that you hear the boss of a company publicly lampoon their brand managers, but that’s exactly what David Wheldon, RBS Group CMO, did last month when he launched the NatWest rebrand....

Flybe capitalise on rail disruption
4 years ago

Flybe have maximised the business and marketing opportunities offered to them by the temporary closure of the Severn Tunnel to launch a new route from Cardiff to London. Referencing the closure of...

New adison lee branding on side of a van
4 years ago

With Uber driving up market share – particularly in the lucrative London B2B market – Addison Lee have launched a new look as part of a £5m marketing campaign. In comparison to Uber, the new Addison...

Rio – brands find loophole in olympic marketing rules
4 years ago

If you thought the athletes in Rio were the only ones fighting for a place in the spotlight then you’re wrong. Brands were desperate to maximise the opportunity to run campaigns featuring the fittest...

Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt
5 years ago

First conceived 30 years ago, Harry Frankfurt’s views on bullshit have never felt so pertinent. “I don’t want a substitute for the truth – I want the real thing.”