Flybe capitalise on rail disruption

Flybe have maximised the business and marketing opportunities offered to them by the temporary closure of the Severn Tunnel to launch a new route from Cardiff to London. Referencing the closure of the Severn Tunnel across email marketing, advertising and PR – the new route is being pitched by Flybe as  a ‘rescue’ service for business’ travelling between the two capitals.

Are Flybe providing a public service or capitalising on an opportunity? Whatever the rationale, we think it’s some clever marketing moves…

Flybe's campaign is around filling the void created by a competitor – amplified by piggy backing on the general PR opportunities around the news story of the tunnel closure. And, Flybe have earned some serious brownie points with business leaders and politicians by keeping the capitals connected.

With a strategic approach to marketing it is easier to spot opportunities and capitalise on them in a thought-provoking and creative way – something that’s possible for business’ of all sizes with a bit of forethought and planning. And, it certainly seems to have paid off for Flybe – they’ve now announced that the Cardiff to London route will be permanent.