Triumph bike

There’s a new breed of biker – riders with disposable income, discerning taste, ready for adventure, an interest in engineering, people that want to look the part and buy into the freedom the biker lifestyle offers.

Triumph have completely overhauled their product range and revved up their marketing – pushing the British design credentials, endorsing products with celebrities, investing in engineering and affiliating with other brands to finely-tune their marketing for their ideal target audience.

Triumph are engineering their own success with precision.

Celebrity endorsements have been full of stylish British legends; Ewan McGregor, Bear Grylls, Hugh Laurie, David Beckham and even Prince Harry… could there be a more perfect set of British endorsors? (Well, perhaps with the addition of a few female British legends too… Amy Williams, Rachel Riley, Kate Humble, Susie Wolff, or any of the Game of Thrones cast?)

But, the endorsements aren’t all style over substance – national hero, Guy Martin has strapped in to help Triumph push the ultimate boundary and is attempting to break the two-wheeled land speed record of 400mph. This combined with Triumph’s investment in their own engineering design awards demonstrates their commitment to engineering excellence, so all boxes ticked.

And, now, having built up suspense and mystery in social media, Triumph’s latest product to launch is a new style modern classic that looks set to compete directly with the other monolithic modern classic motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson. Is this just natural progression for Triumph or an aggressive attempt to capitalise on the reignited enthusiasm for the brand and steal market share?

Triumph, take my money! Apologies in advance for arriving to meetings with flies in my teeth.