Sustainable Packaging by Saltwater Brewery

Packaging that feeds the oceans, rather than poisoning them? – Amazing! Saltwater Brewery in Florida brings together fishermen, surfers and people that love the sea, to create a truly sustainable company. Their brand culture has been shaped by a team of people who trace their roots back to the sea and at the heart of their business is a strong desire to give something back – literally! Their beer can holders replace the terribly designed plastic version responsible for causing so much harm to marine life, with an alternative that’s far more palatable – made of fish food.

Some seriously creative thinking has gone into designing environmental packaging, that meets the company’s social objectives whilst raising their profile. The packaging, in its design and execution has delivered an excellent marketing opportunity, which has attracted wide-spread media coverage, resulting in a lot of attention for a small, niche operation.

Although their product is more expensive to make, the company hope that public demand will encourage other big breweries to follow this minnow of a company – reducing production costs, making this type of packaging more commercially viable and solving a man-made problem with creative thinking.

It’s fair to say that as a team, James Good drink a lot of beer – we’d happily pay a little more to be a little more socially responsible.