Why Is Cultural Fit So Important?
3 years ago

Cultural fit is determined by shared beliefs and behaviours … mutual understanding and a natural alignment around the stuff that really matters. Consider the immense satisfaction you feel when you...

Le Creuset Frying Pan
4 years ago

The french cookware manufacturer, almost 100 years old, with a reputation for quality has surpassed all customer expectations by replacing a 40 year old pan, bought in a charity shop. Now that’s...

Dyson University Campus
4 years ago

In a practical move to fill the engineering skills gap, Dyson is creating its own university. We all know that being a ‘thought leader’ is great for business – what better way to demonstrate it, than...

Original and new natwest logo
4 years ago

It isn’t often that you hear the boss of a company publicly lampoon their brand managers, but that’s exactly what David Wheldon, RBS Group CMO, did last month when he launched the NatWest rebrand....

Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt
4 years ago

First conceived 30 years ago, Harry Frankfurt’s views on bullshit have never felt so pertinent. “I don’t want a substitute for the truth – I want the real thing.”

Sustainable Packaging by Saltwater Brewery
4 years ago

Packaging that feeds the oceans, rather than poisoning them? – Amazing! Saltwater Brewery in Florida brings together fishermen, surfers and people that love the sea, to create a truly sustainable...

Jaguar at Rio Olympics Torch Ceremony
4 years ago

Mascots – often grown men dressed in oversized animal costumes – have long since been a fun component of sports brands. Coming out at public events to give the crowd a laugh and remind people that...

Skittles remove rainbow colours for Pride advertising campaign
4 years ago

They may have dropped the colour from their packaging but there was nothing bland about Skittles' recent advertising campaign – ‘Give the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow’  – which centred around Pride in...