Dyson University Campus

In a practical move to fill the engineering skills gap, Dyson is creating its own university. We all know that being a ‘thought leader’ is great for business – what better way to demonstrate it, than to set up your own university!

If that doesn’t say, “we know our stuff” what does?! 

Over the next five years Dyson will plough £15m into the Dyson Institute of Technology as billionaire inventor James Dyson looks to double his engineering workforce to 6,000 by 2020. The new facility will be located at the company’s Wiltshire site and will start taking students next September.

You might not feel big enough or wealthy enough to set up a university, but an academy? An apprenticeship scheme? Even a well-conceived CSR programme offering work experience or mentoring could be enough to support the workforce of the future and boost your positioning as leader in your industry.