Le Creuset Frying Pan

The french cookware manufacturer, almost 100 years old, with a reputation for quality has surpassed all customer expectations by replacing a 40 year old pan, bought in a charity shop. Now that’s service! The story was told in a reader’s letter in The Guardian …

Read the ‘consumer champion’ column of any newspaper often enough and you’ll get to know the brands that are constantly complained about. Under par, under performers that you wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Occasionally though you’ll also come across surprises – cracking stories of unbelievable attention to detail or customer service that elevates a brand in your consciousness. 

Companies that go way above and beyond what is expected of them genuinely delight us! It’s like an unexpected gift and creates a natural desire in us to want to engage with them further in some way. Most importantly we often remember the quirky stories, unique and beyond what’s expected, and share them with others … great profile raising for a brand.