Axe, ready to chop.

We’re being weaned off furlough, so the time has come to start making those tough decisions. Who is absolutely necessary to maintain business-bare-minimum and therefore who is surplus to requirements and up for the chop? 

Bad times are coming for so many. Think-tanks are forecasting 20% unemployment. I think they’re being intentionally optimistic. If the economy is to bounce-back, the nation needs business leaders to step-up and be the next wave of heroes and now is the time for clear, confident and bold leadership.

So what if no employee got the chop? What if every business leader took on the challenge of making every single one of their employees work? Changing, adapting, responding, re-purposing… doing whatever it takes to ensure every employee continues to be an asset making a valuable contribution? Redeploying your people to support the development of the business. 

Employees are ready to support business leaders who confidently take action, quickly adapt to change and lead with conviction. Good employees want to feel like they’re making a positive contribution, but to do that, they need to understand what they’re working towards – they need to believe in the vision, understand their role and have confidence in their ability to help the business achieve success.

There’s no doubt that many businesses will fall by the wayside, even more will revert to business as usual (mostly mediocre), but some will capitalise on this opportunity to emerge better than ever – doing something new, something bold, something worthwhile. Adapting the business to fulfil the changing needs of existing customers. Utilising resources to open new markets. Strengthening the business with new products or services. Diversifying and trying something entirely new. There are loads of marketing approaches that are worth proper consideration.

Most businesses, if not all, have something they wish they had the time to do… a new process, system, product, service, something that would help improve operations or gain a competitive advantage. Now should be the time to take that leap of faith. A gifted opportunity to make your business better from the inside out. Instead of giving employees the chop, what about giving them a chance to fight for their own livelihoods? Set up a team. Give them a chance. Tell employees that if it works, they’ll be helping to safeguard their future employment. The respect, results and loyalty might be well worth the risk.

And, who better to help the nation get out of this crisis than the business leaders who understand the intricacies of their respective industries – instinctively knowing what needs to be done and spotting opportunities in adversity. It’ll take entrepreneurial spirit, courage and conviction – characteristics we need right now – characteristics all business leaders have in bucket loads.

If you’re ready to strengthen your business from the inside out and fight for your employees’ livelihoods… we’re ready to help structure your thinking with strategic marketing support.

Author: James Good