Good eggs!

People in business are always banging-on about USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) and how they need them to gain a competitive advantage. There’s not much that’s truly unique anymore, but if you do stumble across that golden goose and it really does produce golden eggs… competitors will just figure out how to make similar golden eggs faster, cheaper, better…

It’s always been far more important that your propositions are relevant and meaningful to your audience. And, it’s likely that what was relevant and meaningful pre-pandemic is now probably irrelevant mid-pandemic and potentially completely meaningless post-pandemic.

Covid-19 has changed everything – possibly not forever, and possibly not physically, but certainly how people think. So the playing field has been levelled and the competitive advantage that businesses seek is up for grabs. It’s time for business leaders to deeply consider what ‘relevant’ means for their audience and what’s truly ‘meaningful’. And, you’ll probably learn that people don’t even want golden eggs! Especially not right now – they can’t afford them. They just want good eggs, consistently and whenever they want them!

If you’d like some professional help evaluating ‘relevant’ and ‘meaningful’ in your business, we’re a team of good eggs – marketing leaders ready to help.

Author: James Good