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Are you ready to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the Tidal Lagoon projects?

As it’s looking likely that Swansea will be home to the world's first, man-made, energy-generating tidal lagoon, we’re taking a keen interest in the opportunities such a large-scale project would present to our local economy. 

Mark Shorrock, the visionary behind tidal lagoons, has made his ambitions clear: the lagoons should be sustainable, both environmentally and socially, with ambitions to source as much as 50% of services locally. Mark seems like a decent bloke, and we doff our caps. 

The magic word here is ‘supply-chain’. Even though the bigger jobs have been allocated, there are unquantifiable opportunities for servicing those suppliers. Snapping up a contract, however, won’t simply depend on whether or not a company is technically able to deliver; it will depend on the impression that company makes during the procurement process. Does its presentation convey its competence and professionalism? 

One thing is certain: if the tidal lagoons go ahead, procurement will be rigorous and competition fierce. The successful few will be those whose image – their marketing, communications and pitches – look and sound as professional as their actual offering. A perfect product or service alone might not cut it.

To be contenders, worthy adversaries to the obvious ‘safe’ large multi-nationals, local businesses must act quickly to get their corporate communications perfectly on point and looking as good as they really are.