Swansea Bay from the air

Although we spend a lot of time in London, it’s Swansea that suits our lifestyle. Even though this means we’re better acquainted with the M4 than we’d like, life here is good. A much better work life balance, good for the soul … and getting better for business.

We decided to start our Welsh base more than 10 years ago and in that time the city has changed. Creative and tech industries have flourished and the Swansea Bay City Deal, recently signed by the Prime Minister, promises to transform the regional economy. 

Other big projects such as the Tidal Lagoon and Project Jupiter (a communications cable running from west Wales to New York) fall outside of the City Deal, although they are clearly complimentary.

All of this ‘stuff’ going on means Swansea has the potential, the enormous potential, to be an exceptional place to do business in years to come – there is a buzz of excitement about what comes next.

There are so many factors to consider when you look at where you locate your business, customer-base, supply chain, transport links, local government, people … and it can be hard to tick every box.

We’re often asked why we maintain a presence in Swansea – the reasons are numerous. We know there are a lot of potential customers in South Wales. We’ve significant experience (and really enjoy) working in the manufacturing and engineering sector, which thrives in this region. There aren’t many other strategic brand and marketing agencies working purely in B2B in South Wales so we’re offering something different. Transport links are pretty good, overheads are relatively low and our team thrive by living on the gateway to the Gower.  

Work life balance is important and we know that being here contributes significantly to the well-being and productiveness of our team.

In ten years time Swansea will be the place to be – renowned for its tech business scene and only a stone’s throw away from some of the UK's finest beaches.