Copyright Infringement

Copyright symbol in an orange picture frame.

People are stealing content from our website. To start with copyright infringement was somewhat irritating – a succinct sentence stolen, a carefully crafted paragraph pilfered …. More recently it’s become outrageous, we’ve seen entire sections lifted and incredibly … audaciously … the complete design and layout of our website copied!

It’s wrong in any industry to steal words, pictures, designs or ideas from somebody else’s website, but one creative agency copying content from another goes beyond belief. How can you claim to help others uniquely position themselves, or communicate effectively if you can’t even be bothered to write the words or craft the design on your own website?

We’ve spent nearly 20 years refining how we want to position ourselves. Every sentence and paragraph has been honed over time to say exactly what we want it to say.

To succeed we need to be clear about what we do… everything we write or create is an authentic representation of us or our clients, targeted at appealing to the ideal audience… so copying is pointless… unless it just so happens that you’re exactly like us! In which case you’d be perfectly adept at writing your own awesome copy!

To see snatches of our content wedged into websites for agencies that bring our industry into disrepute is enraging. The laziness is astounding. So we’ve decided to take action. From now on, we’re naming and shaming the culprits who have stolen from us. Every organisation, or person who copies content from the James Good website will be promoted here. We will screen grab examples and add them to this page. We will use social media to alert the public. There are no second chances. If you steal from us, we will discredit you.

You can’t cheat your way to being a good communicator. There are no shortcuts, no easy solutions, if you have to steal the ideas you are – without question – in the wrong line of work.

So, if you're the owner of any of the named and shamed companies please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


Marketing2 – Plagiarist

Marketing Strategy Text Copy.

We're all inspired by the things we see – it's part of being a creative. But there's no doubt that this is an example of taking our creative work and thinking they can get away with a few edits.

Marketing2 Copycat


Ginger Tree Marketing – Plagiarist

Homepage and Contact Page Text Copy.

Another 'creative' company using our words. The similarities are just too close to call it coincidece.

Ginger Tree Copycat

Ginger Tree Copycat


Hartman Enterprises Internet Solutions – He Is Marketing – Plagiarist

Marketing Services Text Copy.

He is unfortunatley not very original, sorry chaps but we would prefer if you wrote your own content rather than stealing from across the pond.

'He is marketing' copycat website

'He is marketing' copycat website 2

'He is marketing' copycat website3

'He is marketing' copycat website4


South Bank Collective – Plagiarist

Photography Services Text Copy

South Bank Collective Copycat

South Bank Collective Copycat

South Bank Collective Copycat


CorpStation - Plagiarist

Identity Design Text Copy

Published multiple times on Facebook, October 20 2016 & November 8 2016

CorpStation Facebook Copy


CopStation Facebook Copycat


Startup Consultant – Plagiarist

Lead Generation & Sales Support Text Copy


Brid Bickerton - B Cubed Ltd – Plagiarist

Intro Text Copy

"Head of Marketing and Business Development" of Resorts World and "Managing Director" of B Cubed, a "Marketing Consultancy"?!! Come on Brid – surely you should know better?

Brid Bickerton LinkedIn Profile Text Copy


Sole Creative Marketing Agency – Plagiarist

Marketing & Branding Text Copy

"Our" Philosophy and "Our" Mission – if these things are that important to your business, they should actually be your views before you claim them as your own?!

Sole Creative Website Copycat


Mainali Services – Plagiarist

Marketing & Branding Text Copy

I'm not sure I'd trust this company, no matter how good the copy is on their website!

Mainali Website Copycat


Pxlarrow – Plagiarist

Intro, Branding & Quote Text Copy

This one seems like it's a piece of students work. Content duplication is a very real problem for SEO, so even if there is no harm intended, there are negative implications. Pxlarrow, please change the copy.

Pxlarrow website copycat


Qilin Design – Plagiarist

Brand Identity, Naming, Identity Design, Photography & Key Message Text Copy

We spoke with Qilin Design and the owner seemed genuinely mortified, but still our copy is featured on their website. It's like they copied so much, they don't know what's theirs and what's not anymore.

Qilin design copycat website

Guilin Design Services Page Website Copycat


Q2Creative – Plagiarist

Branding Text Copy

If Q2Creative are happy to plagiarise the written word, what else are they happy to copy?

Q2 Creative Copycat Website


Brixx Media – Plagiarist

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting and Marketing Text Copy.

Being in a different timezone does not make it acceptable to copy. We work internationally and will protect our reputation everywhere.

Brix Media Website Copycat


Marhana Services Ltd – Plagiarist

...Look familiar? It's a complete copy of our entire website – duplicated text, images, site structure, navigation, the lot! . They've even ripped off our Live Chat module, so people are actually able to contact us through this website!

Marhana is owned by Jahangir Khalid (or Jahangir Warraich - whichever he's going by today). The 'reputable' company, that were paid £300 to copy our website, is 'Connecting Eyes'.

According to LinkedIn, Jahangir has an MBA in Marketing and Business Ethics from the University of Wales, Cardiff... "an MBA in Marketing and Business Ethics"! Can an MBA be revoked?

We've contacted Jahangir – he seemed shocked that we thought he'd stolen our website. The second time we called, he said "I've had them change all the copy so it's not copied anymore." He seems to actually believe that Connecting Eyes have designed and built this website specifically for him for £300 – has he not seen our website?!

Marhana Copycat Website Screenshot