Growth seems to be firmly back on the agenda. During 2015 the fastest growing companies were reported to be in finance, construction, recruitment, and training – suggesting signs of life at grass roots level! And, we’re expecting growth to be a common trend in 2016.

As brand and marketing experts, it's our purpose to help companies grow through effective communications. But, to be effective, communications have to say the right things, feel authentic, resonate with the right audience … and to do that, you need a really clear sense of who you are and why your clients should care. But, where to start?

During this breakfast session James will discuss how to go about identifying the characteristics of your brand – what should be defined, what’s meaningful to the people around you, what’s commercially advantageous for the business and relevant to your clients.

You might have a sense that something is really great about your company, but can’t quite put your finger on what or why.

This session will be for business owners, CEOs and directors – those responsible for developing business strategy.

Scheduled for early in the new year and hosted at our offices in Uplands, Swansea – places will be limited to around 8 people per session. If you think you might be interested, do get in touch and register your interest with Amy;

Event: Brand Strategy – Foundation for Growth
Date: 8am, Wednesday 20th January 2016
Venue: James Good, 10 St James’ Crescent, Uplands, Swansea. SA1 6DZ