SAIL is an acronym for Secure Anonymised Information Linkage.


SAIL is one of the world’s most advanced data anonymisation tools, developed by Swansea University’s Health Informatics team, part of the College of Medicine. The platform combines data from various sources and completely anonymises personal information, so that it can be used for statistical research, predominantly in the health sector.


After gaining recognition for being a very good and robust platform, SAIL needed to look the part and communicate effectively with a quickly growing audience. We were engaged to clarify SAIL’s positioning and create a brand identity that would be more representative of their current status and improve their presentation whilst they sought investment for the next phase of their development.


Working with the SAIL team, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders and researched SAIL, before developing a concise internal brand articulation. By clarifying SAIL’s intentions including positioning, purpose and personality, we were able to lay a solid foundation for the creation of a perfectly befitting brand identity.

SAIL is an acronym for Secure Anonymised Information Linkage. Initially our instinct was to avoid the obvious sails or ships, and we opted to explore interesting marks created from database icons, inputs/outputs and graphical representations of data. After much toiling in the studio the team sliced a database icon, displaying only what was absolutely necessary to reveal a sail! Our concept was born – part of a database forming a sail with two sides representing an input and an output... a very literal visualisation of the premise of SAIL.


SAIL is currently expanding its reach through the introduction of Data Appliances into the NHS to create a wider and more diverse research platform. We expect this system to become an industry standard and look forward to seeing it being rolled out across the entire UK, and we’re confident that the brand identity will live up to that challenge!

The broadest and most accessible source of anonymised health related data.