Seattle resident, Peregrine Church, is creating art all over the streets of his notoriously rainy city, but his ‘Rain Works’ are only visible in wet weather, thanks to the super-hydrophobic stuff he’s using. 

His first read: ‘Stay Dry Out There’. Another said: ‘Worry is a misuse of the imagination’. He has also created hopscotch, and lily pads with frogs. 

Imagine the possibilities for this new communications channel. How about: ‘Don’t get wet. Step inside for coffee’ (for Starbucks), or ‘Optimum performance, even when wet’ (for Bridgestone), and ‘Today: rain. For tomorrow’s forecast, download our app.’ (for the Met Office)?

We even foresee a health and safety use: a wet supermarket floor could flag up its own auto-activated warning. Then there’s the irresistible ‘Time to book summer sun?’ (for Virgin Holidays). Incidentally, Richard, if you need a hand with those, do get in touch…