James Good is a comprehensive team of strategists, writers, designers, photographers, developers – everything you need to define your brand and deliver fully integrated marketing communications.

Working in partnership, we’ll develop your brand strategy, refine your marketing, deliver measurable results and help you achieve your commercial objectives – stronger perception, more inbound enquiries, better qualified enquiries, the right type of work, higher value orders, more profitable business.

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It’s easier to engage with global players, as we now appeal to partners of the highest calibre.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process


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Brand Strategy 

Define your brand positioning, purpose, corporate culture, preferred personality – distilling your company’s characteristics into a concise articulation that captures the essence of your business and describes who you really are.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity 

Create a stronger sense of identity and achieve design continuity across all marketing channels – improving visual communication, conveying what’s important at a glance and capturing the attention of your ideal audience.



Improve marketing communications with messages that are clear, well articulated and compelling – identifying what’s meaningful by combining what’s strategically important with what’s relevant to your clients.

Marketing Implementation


Develop a strategic approach to marketing for more impetus and more impact – considering activities that fit your brand, building an actionable marketing plan and implementing your marketing to ensure it maintains momentum.

Case Studies  


Industrial Manufacturer

Estate Capital

Financial Adviser

SBM Offshore

Global Leader in Floating Production (FPSO) & Mooring Systems


Oil & Gas Strategy Consultancy

S3 Process

Pharmaceutical Equipment Sales


Oil & Gas Systems Consultancy


Health Research Platform


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