Embed your brand throughout your business and drive sustainable growth.

Support growth by integrating sales, marketing and brand building activities into your long-term business strategy. We’ll use all we learn to help you plan, research and identify future opportunities – offering ongoing support, linking up your sales and marketing objectives.

In terms of marketing, everything starts with your people – how they articulate your business is crucial to the way in which your clients perceive your products and services.

Putting together sales figures document

Business Planning

Align brand and marketing with business objectives for a truly strategic approach.

The benefit of having a well defined brand goes far deeper than scratching the surface of your marketing. We’ll help you weave the essence of your brand into the business at board level – feeding business plans, funding applications, bid documents … and taking an integrated approach, rather than a departmentalising to help you capitalise on opportunities, identify weaknesses and align sales and marketing with finance and operations.

Target Identification

Shortlist your ideal clients to maximise marketing effectiveness.

Working with you and having a good understanding of your marketplace, we can produce a very targeted contact lists for your sales and marketing. Using our knowledge of your business, relevant databases and recent news articles, we’ll research relevant companies and find the right people within them for you to communicate with.

Lead Generation & Sales Support

Communicate directly and start building rapport with prospective clients.

Once we’ve identified appropriate targets, we can manage the communications process for you – sending letters, brochures, e-mails, case studies … following up with phone calls and warming up relevant leads.

Business Development Meeting
Networking Event
Sales Support