A thoughtfully conceived brand identity will ‘fit’ – capturing the essence of who you are and leaving a lasting impression with your clients. As your business becomes familiar in your market, your identity will be remembered and you’ll find yourself able to proactively build on each piece of marketing, without having to start from the ground up each time.

Your identity stretches far further than a good logo design; considering the powerful meaning behind your name, the ability to own a colour palette in your sector, the strapline that simply says so much, the subtle variances of personality communicated in typefaces, the images used to tell a thousand words, the immediately recognisable style, the tone-of-voice in your written communications, the consistency of every piece of marketing, and, of course… the logo that clients feel compelled to associate with.

Stretching further still, your identity is inherent in every experience your clients have with your business. Regardless of whether you’re in control of every facet of your identity or not – your identity is making an impression with your clients and it is having an impact on your business development.

We’ll help you convey who you are at a glance, capture the attention of clients and raise your perceived value.

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Reviewing S3 Process proofs
Typography in brochure identity
Identity carried through onto website tablet device

Once we’ve understood your brand characteristics, we’ll design a brand identity that’s a true reflection of who you are – basing our designs on thought-provoking concepts that inspire confidence in your brand.

We’ll align the expectations created through the design of your marketing with the physical experiences clients receive as they step-foot through your door – making a strong visceral connection between your marketing and your real-world. Clients find this continuity reassuring, as they try to determine your suitability during their procurement process.

We’re confident of the image our business projects; it’s professional and appropriate.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process


A cohesive identity will contribute to the overall sense of credibility your business conveys. Clients always have a multi-channeled experience of your business and won’t differentiate between online and offline as they attempt to learn more about you. We take an integrated approach to identity – developing a house-style that can be consistently applied across all forms of media.

We’ll also unravel any complexities around your brand architecture – understanding the relationships between sub-brands, subsidiaries, partners, products and defining a brand strategy that helps clients understand your brand architecture and supports you in achieving your commercial objectives.

And, once we’ve designed your perfectly befitting brand identity, you’ll feel a sense of renewed vigour and you’ll be inspired to communicate more – helping to relieve any inertia you’ve previously felt regarding your marketing. Your identity will feed into your website design and the design of your marketing literature – giving every piece of communications more impetus, more relevance, more impact…

Increased revenue, key account and sales conversion rates have been aided by fresh, thoughtfully-designed collateral which has served to reinforce our image as industry experts with potential clients.
Robert Nash
Director, 4 Roads

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