Introducing this set of videos – what a designer needs to design a better online community.


Designers Eh?!

It’s easy to criticise designers, but their role is varied and full of challenges.



Understanding the purpose of your community will enable your designers to narrow their focus and create something that is ideal for the intended use of the community.


Lead & be Led

Don’t let the committee kick your ideas down – but, once they’ve been handed the keys, do listen to them.



Understanding the intended audience will enable a designer to design a solution that satisfies more of the users.



Re-label your content to make it clear for your users – you don’t have to just accept the labels that come out of the Telligent box.



Telligent community navigation doesn’t need to be overly complicated – simplify the experience for users as much as possible.



Improve the layouts to improve the reading experience and encourage people to spend more time in the community – make it a nicer place to be.



Make it as easy for users to consume content and know where you should inject personality and more importantly, where you shouldn’t.



Solve user experience problems with carefully placed short-form copy that communicates on a deeper level.


Focal Points

Position functionality where users would benefit from it most and use colour to draw attention to the important bits.


Think Big

Understand how your online community might expand in the future, but start small – implementing functionality bit-by-bit and do each bit very well.