Structure Your B2B Marketing & Target Growth Strategically

A workshop at James Good

Unleash curious-minds and give big-thinkers a way to structure their ideas.

Our ‘Foundation for Marketing’ programme is perfect for small businesses who’d like to access expert marketing knowledge and benefit from the marketing principles of big-business.

Designed to help with the specific challenge of B2B marketing. We’ll help you think very deeply about your business and figure out how to attract the ideal clients. This programme will help you shape all the details of your marketing, define the characteristics of your brand and communicate with compelling marketing messages. The final output will be greater clarity regarding what you’re selling, to who, when, and why.

Over 8 weeks in 2 hour sessions, participants will join a mini-cohort of no more than four people per programme, facilitated by one of our marketing strategists. You’ll be involved in group discussions and be set tasks to help you systematically work through the key elements of a marketing strategy… which we call the ‘Foundation for Marketing’.

Designed for Ambitious Small Businesses

Our open programmes are ideal for micro-businesses and one-man bands, social enterprises and charities, start-ups and young entrepreneurs or even individual members of larger marketing teams… anyone who senses an opportunity to grow, but just needs a little help figuring out the details.

We can also deliver a custom programme for a single business, in which case we’d expect to have a mix of people from leadership, marketing, customer service…

Programme Outline

Delivered through a series of eight weekly workshops, each workshop will be two hours.

Week One - Background & Aspirations
Set the scene and describe the future state of your business.

Week Two - Products & Services
Package your offering in a way that aligns what you do well, with what clients really want.

Week Three - Ideal Audience
Define the commercial rationale for what makes a prospective client perfect.

Week Four - Core Propositions
Consider what you do and why it matters to your ideal audience.

Week Five - Specific Propositions
Adapt your core propositions to suit the very specific needs of a very specific audience.

Week Six - Sales Triggers
Consider the precise moments in time when prospective clients might identify a need or an opportunity.

Week Seven - Brand Intentions
Define the characteristics of your brand and articulate how you want your brand to feel.

Week Eight - Key Messages
Turn your propositions into clear, concise and compelling marketing messages that really resonate.


When & Where

Daytime and evening programmes, hosted via Teams.

Wednesdays - 3:00pm until 5:00pm

Wednesdays - 6:30pm until 8:30pm


How Much

£1,000 + VAT per delegate, paid in advance.

If you’d like to join a group of like-minded business leaders to explore your marketing challenges and business aspirations then contact us to find out more.