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Long Company Names & Their Long Logos

Below are example logos of well renowned companies with particularly long names. We've tried to select names that don't normally get abbreviated or shortened. We wanted to better understand how companies handle the challenge of a long name with regards to their visual identity.


British Airways Logo


American Airlines Logo


Virgin Logos


First Group Western Logo


National Express Logo


Mercedes-Benz Logo


Aston Martin Logo


Mitsubishi Logo


Bank of America Logo


Standard Chartered Logo


American Express Logo


The Goldman Sachs Logo


Thomson Reuters Logo


Sony Ericsson Logo


Starbucks Coffee Company Logo


Costa Coffee Logo


Harley-Davidson Logo


National Geographic Logo


The Carphone Warehouse Logo


Johnson & Johnson Logo


Moët & Chandon Logo


Visit Scotland Logo


Edinburgh Castle Logo


Edinburgh Zoo Logo


London Zoo Logo


Natural History Museum Logo


The British Museum Logo


The North Face Logo


Emporio Armani Logo


American Eagle Outfitters Logo


Polo Ralph Lauren Logo


Tommy Hilfiger Logo


Louis Vuitton Logo


National Trust Logo


Wales Cymru Logo


Bang & Olufsen Logo


English Heritage Logo


Enjoy England


Fortnum & Mason Logo


RHS Logo


Madame Tussauds Logo


Very nice!
very inspiring. Im looking for a long name logo and it was very helpfull
It's really amazing collection, I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect.
The hardest thing isn't the length of the name, in my opinion, but the general "balance" of the words. I'm designing a logo for "Action Entertainment Insurance"- can't split evenly onto two lines; too long for one line; too unbalanced for three. Head scratcher!
im currently gonna make a logo for an institute of technical eduction . looooog logo dudes

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