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When this rebrand came to our attention on April 1st, it was obviously an April Fool's, wasn’t it? Companies House, ‘the foundation of company information exchange in the UK’ is a major government-run organisation that all businesses have to deal with on a regular basis. Considering this, you'd think that communicating a sense of authority through a strong brand identity would be high on their list of priorities. Unfortunately, the new look lacks any sort of credibility. We doubt very much that the new logo is what any business owner would expect to see when visiting the authority that is Companies House, and because of this it fails completely.


I agree completely. Sadly I have come to expect large companies that are devoid of any form of competition going this way in terms of design. BT, British Gas, and any Government organisations - there's a famous T-shirt design from Fatboy Slim's début album which pretty much sums up this philosophy:
I totally agree with your approach on this, a government body should have some type of government brand about it. There's almost a style to government branding, that you just know is government backed without even reading what it's about. So I'm interested to know how much a rebrand of companies house would have cost, how many ideas were thrown about and who fitted the bill. Would hate to see another waste of public money, should that be what technically funded such a rebrand.

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