Define the management intentions of your brand, improve marketing outcomes and grow your business with strategic focus.

A strong strategy will clarify what you do, why it’s important, what your team enjoy, what makes economic sense and what will drive your company forward. We’ll take the time to truly understand the inner-workings of your organisation to create strategic recommendations that are relevant to your business.

The way James Good penetrated our business and culture was absolutely key to the final product. It’s easier to engage with global players, as we now appeal to partners of the highest calibre.
Steve Boswell
Director, S3 Process

Brand Strategy session with Post-its

Audit & Evaluation

Analyse performance against objectives to understand current position and benchmark progress.

Reviewing progress to-date, we’ll create a snapshot of your current position – understanding where you are now and where you want to be.

Together we can get to grips with what you hope to achieve – more leads, more sales, lower staff turnover, greater recognition in your sector – before defining the practical objectives that work for you.

Interviews with your team and our custom-made evaluation tool, Insight, will give you valuable benchmark data that you can evaluate your performance against over time.

Brand Articulation

Strengthen your brand by defining who you are and what’s really important.

A brand articulation will define important characteristics, including; positioning, purpose, corporate culture, preferred personality – cutting through the legacy clutter and getting straight to the meaningful reasons behind what you do and why.

Distilling your characteristics and capturing the essence of your brand in a concise articulation will resonate profoundly – providing a strong foundation for improving internal communications, composing corporate copy, developing your brand identity and focussing all future marketing activities.

And, with a clear and meaningful articulation of your brand, your team will gain a better appreciation of what’s important, why you do things the way you do and how your business should communicate with external audiences.

Learn more about our brand articulation service.

Marketing Strategy

Provide focus to marketing activities for far greater impact.

A marketing strategy defines the parameters of your marketing to provide focus for marketing activities – what you’re really selling, in which markets, when and where.

Defining your products, services, potential markets and competitors will lead us towards marketing activities that will be most successful for your business. And, with an understanding of why clients have engaged you in the past, we’ll be able to plan relevant marketing activities – ready for delivery at the most opportune time.

Marketing Strategy Meeting
Post it planning notes
Audit and Evaluation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

Make a meaningful difference in the world and capitalise on good will.

A good CSR strategy will closely reflect your brand values, identify who you want to work with and allow your business to operate more responsibly.

Clarifying what you really care about, the impact you’d like to make on the world and the resources available, we’ll be able to find a natural ‘fit’ for your CSR activities. We’ll help you figure out how to make a meaningful difference and communicate your work in a way that adds interest and value to your brand.


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